Mandy-Rae sets her tag at 91 metres

Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, holder of 12 Canadian National Records and 6 World Records in the sport of freediving, has announced her attempt to break the current world record held by Sara Campell (UK) of 90 metres set on Oct. 20, 2007 in Egypt. Ms. Cruickshank has set her depth to 91 metres.

Ms. Cruickshank, married to International Freedive Instructor Trainer and coach Kirk Krack, has been described as a phenomenal athlete. She sleeps in a hypoxic tent to improve her tolerance to carbon dioxidebuildup, works out on a Stairmaster and conditions her lungs by holdingher breath for up to 6½ minutes on a static apnea hold.

This afternoon Ms. Cruickshank will plunge to the depths and attempt to become the deepest woman in history in the Constant Weight discipline.. The freediving world awaits with one baited breath.