MARES has formed a new “Dive Expedition Team” that will test out and use the products made by not just MARES but also the two companies it recently acquired: Scuba Schools International and REVO.

The team will “act as a think tank and experience tank in order to develop and test products and services for our customers that are world-class and even more customer-orientated than today,” according to a blog entry on the company’s website, which adds:

“The fact that MARES has grown its knowledge base with the the acquisition of SSI and REVO was the perfect start to founding a group of experts that will challenge and advise our Product Managers, Designers and R&D Members on their ideas and products for the future.”

The new team will be comprised of folks who are not involved in the company’s product-development process, whose views and experiences MARES hopes will help improve those products. Those team members will also dive in conditions meant to stress the products they’re testing.

For more info, check out the blog entry on the MARES website.