Mares has issued a voluntary product recall of certain inflators on its XR line of BCDs.

The company discovered a “quality issue on the inflator mounted on the XR line aircells,” according to the recall notice. Mares emphasized that the inflator in question is made by FERPLAST, a third-party supplier.

This is how Mares describes the problem at the root of the recall:

“Under certain circumstances the deflation button could come unscrewed which could result in loss of the seal at the mouthpiece. This in turn would result in loss of buoyancy that could potentially lead to an accident and serious injury or death, hence Mares has decided to issue a VOLUNTARY product recall to protect the safety of the diver.

“The problem arises because insufficient torque was applied during the assembly of a small lot of these inflators. The inflators are produced by a third party supplier who has used the same principle on hundreds of thousands of inflators without problems. The issue at hand is limited to a small lot due to a change in their production process, which has already been rectified. The problem is solved by applying the correct torque when assembling the button. For added safety, a special glue is now added on the threads.”

The recall concerns only the following products, according to Mares:

Mares XR Line Inflator Recall List

For more info, including how to figure out whether your BCD is subject to the recall, check out the full recall notice on the Mares website.