Martin Stepanek Wins Constant Ballast – 93 Meters !

Limassol, May 29 2003 – Martin Stepanek has won the Constant Ballast discipline at the Sony Classic with a new world record of 93 meters.

Herbert Nitsch, who had also subscribed to a depth of 93 meters, failed in his attempt. Nitsch apparently sustained a barotrauma injury at depth, and was disqualified on surfacing for hypoxic manifestations. First reports indicate the injury was a punctured eardrum, and the DQ was for loss of motor control.

Today’s Constant Ballast diving took place in rough seas. A tired but satisfied Martin Stepanek commented after his record-setting 93 meters : ” It was as rough as Fort Lauderdale, and as cold as the North Pole !”.

Paul Kotik has been a Staff Writer and Freediving Editor for He lives in Florida, USA with his family.


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