Are you a World War 2 history buff? Is diving the wrecks of Truk (also known as Chuuk) Lagoon in the South Pacific on your bucket list?

Well, Master Liveaboards has a new liveaboard yacht, the Truk Master, that’s been completely renovated with cabins that include in-suite bathrooms, ample space to stow dive gear and a special camera set-up area.

Seven- and 10-night itineraries for up to 16 guests are available to dive wrecks like the 132-meter/433-foot-long Fujikawa Maru or the 118-meter/387-foot-long Nippo Maru cargo ships or even the sunken Submarine 1.169.

Seven-night rates start at US$3095/2837 Euros, and 10-night rates start at $4345/3983 Euros per person.

For more information, check out the Master Liveaboards website at