Maverick America Debuts C4 300 and the Icon Diby

Mark Laboccetta, Luca Della Santa and Mike Stallings of Maverick America (photo by Francesca Koe)

Maverick America was created in February 2015 with a vision of bringing to the US market the best quality spearfishing & outdoor equipment at the most affordable pricing. The company serves as the exclusive distributor of C4 fins in the U.S. and the North Carolina-based company revealed a brand new product offering at DEMA Show 2017: the C4 300, the world’s lightest foot pocket.

The world’s lightest foot-pocket C4 300

“Weighing in at 300 grams these new C4 300’s are now the lightest foot pocket in the market,” said Luca Della Santa, Maverick sales rep. “The material is super light, (but it does not stretch) and we have no idea what it is made of because C4 won’t tell us!”

The new 300 pocket currently only comes packaged with the C4 deep freediving blade “Volare” and retails for US$599.95/~516 Euros. Shipping availability starts in two months and can be purchased online then at

The Icon cooler features a removable gasket seal for easy cleaning and the patented Diby fridge sleeve.

Keeping the focus local to his home state, Mark Laboccetta also showcased the Icon cooler, (which is made in Smithfield, NC, just a couple hours outside of Wilmington). The Icon is an extremely good value boasting both a lifetime warranty and a much lower price point (than other popular extended duration icy coolers). It also features a patented Diby dry-ice drawer that provides a cutting-board, bait storage and fridge sleeve which can be purchased separately and used in other existing coolers.

The Icon comes in 32, 50 and 75-quart (30, 47 and 71-liter) sizes and ranges in price from US$329-$399 (~283-343 Euros); it will be available for online purchase in four months.

To learn more about all of the products they offer check out Maverick America online.