Maxtec Introduces New Wireless Dive Data Logger

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Maxtec recently introduced its iMax Dive Buddy wireless data logger.

Attached to a BCD or put in a pocket, during the dive the Dive Buddy keeps track of how deep you go, how long you’re under water, and even the water temperature.

The Dive Buddy has a maximum depth rating of 40m/140ft, with a battery that lasts more than five years, according to a company brochure.

After the dive, the information is retrieved via the iMax Dive Buddy App, which is available for free on the Apple App Store. The company says an Android version will be coming soon. Once the dive info is transferred, divers can add more info, such as dive site, gear configuration, buddies and images, according to the brochure.

That information can even be shared via Facebook, Twitter and divePAL.

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