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MCS Oceans 2000 Marine Life Conference

Oceans 2000 is a major conference hosted by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), celebrating our treasured marine wildlife while highlighting the threats it faces, and examining measures being taken to protect it. It will be held on Saturday 28th October at Bath Spa University College, Bath (UK). The programme includes expert speakers, slide shows and video, and an optional day visit to Bristol Zoo (Sunday 29th). Oceans 2000 is supported by English Nature.

The seas around the UK are home to a fascinating and rich diversity of marine life. Did you know?

Turtles are regular visitors to the UK and are now protected in our waters. Mantis shrimps, most commonly found in tropical seas, have been discovered in Cardigan Bay.

From dolphins and whales to soft corals and sea fans, our seas are bursting with life – Oceans 2000 will attempt to discuss them all!

But as an island nation surrounded by sea, we still so often ignore the benefits it brings us, and the life it contains. The health of our seas is threatened by overfishing and pollution, and many animal species are threatened along with the livelihoods and health of people who depend on the sea for work and pleasure. Oceans 2000 will outline many of the initiatives to protect marine life, with an emphasis on how you can get involved and contribute to these conservation projects, both at home and overseas.

Entry to Oceans 2000 is open to everyone. Tickets cost ??25 for the Conference, inclusive of lunch and refereshments. Entry to Bristol Zoo on Sunday 29th October will be at reduced entry rate.

Oceans 2000 is also the Annual Conference for Members of the Marine Conservation Society.

For tickets, please contact:

Marine Conservation Society, 9 Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5BU or call 01989 566017 Website