TANDEM NO LIMIT – SHARE YOUR BLUE SIDE; writes Patrick Musimu who has just released a YouTube video of the world record tandem dive with Karol Meyer.

Karoline Meyer is a five times world record holder and holder of 2 continental records and 28 South American records, plus 6 national records, shares her love of freediving and dedication to the sport.

Belgian freediver Patrick Musimu, 4 times AIDA world record holder and the first man to dive beyond 200 metres stretching out the human limit to depths unheard of before in freediving, says that the performance is the outcome of a team effort. He writes “A team, who accepted to share tears and joy to reach a common goal.”

The video highlights the essence of the No Limit triple Quest project, filmed in Bonaire (N.A.) during the Buddy Dive Freediving Event.