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Molchanovs Unveils New Intermediate Freediving Prep Course


Molchanovs has released a new Intermediate Freediving Preparation course for certified freedivers preparing for their next level of certification.

Base Training + (BT+) features paid training programs taught by elite freedivers who are experts in their disciplines. Each program is in video format and includes step-by-step instructions, guided workouts and stretches, as well as tips to achieve a specific freediving goal.

Matthieu Duvault (Image credit: Molchanovs)
Matthieu Duvault (Image credit: Molchanovs)

The new course was created by Matthieu Duvault, a Canadian multiple national record holder and Molchanovs instructor who has taught freediving full-time for the past seven years. He created Intermediate Freediving Preparation so students can have a structured training approach that can be trained on land without a buddy or equipment, making it accessible for everyone.

“While the program is based on Molchanovs course requirements for the Lap/Wave 2 course, the content will benefit any freediver who wants to prepare for and increase their chances of passing their second-level freediving course in any educational system.”

Features of the 4-week course include a focus on breathing techniques that include 3-section breath control, visualization, and full and empty lung exercises. Students will practice and better understand CO? tolerance and learn how to control contractions without discomfort. Focus is put on improving shoulder, ankle, hip, pelvis and spine mobility and reviewing control over Frenzel equalization technique.

Additionally, Duvault will analyze videos of dives and gives students dry exercises to practice pool and open water diving techniques. He said:

“The idea came from a meeting with the Base Training team to create some prep programs for freedivers not able to access or commit to regular in-water training. These freedivers want to place their foot back into freediving to feel more prepared and increase their chance of successfully completing their next course. I hope to make two others, one for the Molchanovs Wave 1 course and one for Wave 3 course.”

The Intermediate Freediving Preparation program is priced at $US100/~€97 for the general public. Molchanovs Instructors and Movement Members with BT access can purchase the program for $80/~€78.

As part of a Vertical Blue sale taking place August 12-29, 2022 there will be a 25% discount available on the program.

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John Liang
John Liang
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