Naissub Freediving Cup 2011

The “Naissub Freediving Cup 2011” competition has been announced for the 2nd of April 2011, and is organized by sports club Naissub (Niš, Serbia).  The competition has AIDA ranking and has accepted by the AIDA International competition schedule.

Official AIDA referees will be Petar Bojović, Darija Subotin and Aleksandar Karjuk.

The competition will be held in all three pool disciplines: Static Apnea (STA) and choice of Dynamic Apnea type (DYN or DNF). Coefficient for DNF calculation in general and team placement will be 1.15.

There are also some interesting prizes from Beuchat, Bare, Suunto and the Apeks dealer and sponsor Power Sub Diving Equipment.  A Beuchat wetsuit goes to the best male competitor and Bare wetsuit goes to the best female competitor in general placement.

The Dynamic Apnea discipline will be held in a swimming pool is 50×21 m large with the constant depth of 2.20 m.

Maximum number of competitors is 45 and minimum 20, and registration has to be in before 28th March 2011.

For more information please see contact Darko Radovanović, who can be reached on +381 64 439 71 16 or for any further assistance.