Natalia Molchanova Helps To Conduct Freediving Research

Natalia Molchanova CNF Record May 2014
Natalia Molchanova CNF Record May 2014

World Champion Freediver, Natalia Molchanova, has put out a request via Russian Freediving Site for Freedivers to assist with some research.  She is asking all Freedivers to fill out a questionaire based on Spirituality survey lead by Dr Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Molchanova posted the following request:

Dearest Freedivers!  Diving give us an opportunity to experience something difficult to put into words, something hidden in space and time. Share your personal feelings of your dives will let us speak clearly about this sort of oceanic feeling in freediving. Please contribute a little of your time to this anonymous questionnaire:

The English version of the questionnaire might contain linguistic errors.  The translator has asked you to report them via email tutrin(())gmail

Natalia Molchanova Questionaire

Natalia Molchanova CNF Record May 2014

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