NAUI and the Florida Aquarium have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the values and ideals that both organisations share.

The agreement was signed on September 7, 2017 by Florida Aquarium President & CEO Richard Germann and Vice President of Operations Casey Coy and by NAUI Executive Director Dallas Edmiston and Director of Marketing and Communications Derik Crotts.

According to Germann:

“This [agreement] strongly connects two organisations whose values are very much in line with one another.”

The new partnership will include mutual benefits for both organisation, including:

  • NAUI members and divers are eligible for a 10% discount on full-price Florida Aquarium tickets;
  • NAUI and the Florida Aquarium Green Diver Initiative will aim to collaborate on promoting conservation of the marine environment;
  • The Florida Aquarium will use NAUI as its preferred training agency for dive operations, and mention NAUI in diving programs; and
  • NAUI will work with the Florida Aquarium to develop a scientific diving specialty program.

The collaboration does not end here, though.

Going forward, both NAUI and the Florida Aquarium plan to strengthen their collaboration, and over time will announce further joint initiatives.