New Croatian Freediving Record

Goran Colak is not escaping any Great White sharks in Croatian waters, but is certainly speeding up his distances with his new National Record.  Goran attempted a record in the Dynamic With Fins discipline in the town of Sisak, near Zagreb. He says that he attempted to break his own record of 168 metres, and did 220 metres on the first try.

Goran is the first Croatian to ever swim over 200 metres in this discipline, and achieved this distance in Lignano last week during the European Evolution Cup, and again this week with judges Nikola Storga and Mario Zuzic.  Goran reports that he actually did 221 metres but received a deduction for turning to close to the bottom.  He also says he is putting away his monofin this year and going to work on Dynamic No Fins (DNF) discipline and see what happens.

On the 2nd of November Goran will participate in the Submania Cup in Zagreb, and do a static and DNF attempt.



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