New deep dive record of 330m set

Just weeks after South African Nuno Gomes set a new world record on open circuit scuba to a depth of 318m in the Egyptian Red Sea, French technical diver, Pascal Bernabe, surpassed the record by setting a new world record for deep diving with a depth of 330m.

Bernabe broke the record in Corsica on open circuit scuba, with a descent time of less than ten minutes and a total time of 529 minutes for decompression.

The world record dive was the 41-year-old’s fifth attempt at breaking the open circuit deep diving record, which he spent three years preparing for. Dive manufacturer Ralf Tech sponsored the event, which involved a dive support team of thirty team members and 12 support divers.

The experienced deep diver completed the dive on trimix, carrying a total of seven cylinders. In addition, 20 cylinders of various gas blends were also placed on three decompression lines.


  1. Cliff, your story is fascinating. I do wish that you could have gone into a little more detail. How did they plan for it? How were they able to assess the risk before making such a dive? Were there any near mishaps?


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