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FreedivingA New Era in Deep Freediving with Diveye Technology

A New Era in Deep Freediving with Diveye Technology


The next big thing is here!

If you are a freediving event organizer wanting a new level of media presence for your event, we have something specially for you. A team of engineers at Diveye has developed an innovative system that makes it possible to open up the sport to a new global audience: an underwater drone specifically designed to capture a complete video footage from deep freediving dives and stream it live! The idea behind the system is providing all major world-class events with quality equipment for creating consistent, high-definition video content throughout the season.

The solution also brings benefits for the athletes, as it opens new sponsorship opportunities and with live video fed to the safety team on the surface, increases the safety of every event. Additionally, the system can provide valuable video material for post-dive technique analysis and improvements.

Finally, the whole freediving community around the world will be able to witness live new records being set! We will also be able to learn from the best athletes in the world.

According to the producer, among the unique features of the system is the use of active rudders controlling the trajectory of the drone and distance between the drone and the diver. This solution allows to capture the dive video from a variety of camera angles for engaging footage and better view of technique. Operating envelope is also impressive with max depth of 200m and more than 2m/s vertical speed giving plenty of room for future records.

Diveye system is offered as a service together with an operator and can be provided worldwide. For more information contact Diveye.

For more details about the system and news, go to official Diveye Facebook page and watch the video below showing an example dive master shot.

Complete freedive video captured by Diveye drone
Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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