New Freediving and Spearfishing Kit Available in Exclusives

We’re proud to announce a small selection of new Freediving and Spearfishing equipment is now available in Exclusives.  Stocked in both our European and US warehouses we can get them to you quickly however we only have very limited stock so act quickly!

Best Hunter Spider Weight Vest

The Best Hunter Spider Weight Vest is worn like a backpack and frees Spearfisher and Freedivers from worrying about their belts and allows a more even distribution of weight across the divers back.  A tough product built with fabric polyster and neoprene with 3 pockets for weights.

Best Hunter Speargun Bag

The Best Hunter Speargun Bag has been developed over 5 years by real spearfishers.  Designed to be the most innovative transport system for spearguns ever produced with three compartments system will allow you to separate your guns preventing the classic “mess” that always occurs with the traditional speargun bags. A practical internal straps system is used to secure the spearguns while traveling, access only the speargun you need through three different zips and the outer PVC is specially designed to resist impact and abrasions.

Best Hunter Slim Equipment Bag

The Best Hunter Slim Equipment Bag is the perfect for any day trip.  The bag easily fits two long fins, a full suit, mask, snorkel, gloves, boots, accessories and if a Spearo – a Speargun.  The bag is practical, economical, lightweight and compact and a must for any serious diver.

Best Hunter Fin Bag

This lightweight PVC Fin Bag makes it a breeze to secure and transport your long fins in style.  Made from highly durable PVC and with more than enough space to transport any size Freediving/Spearfishing long fin you’ll never need another fin bag again!