New Harvey???s Logo and Website Captures 50 Years of Innovation

(DiveNewswire) Harvey’s wetsuits, one of the diving industry’s oldest and most respected manufacturers, has unveiled a new logo and graphic look. The new logo was unveiled as part of a campaign to enhance and update the company’s overall look.

The logo’s sleek, solid lines and bold colors represent the company’s innovative product line, while the breaching Orca pays homage to Harvey’s Pacific Northwest home. The new logo is now being used with every Harvey’s product, company literature and most importantly, as an integral part of the company’s re-launched website,

"Harvey’s has a rich history in the dive industry," points out Marketing Director Michael O’Connell. "For close to 50 years, we have been a leader in developing new and effective approaches to keeping divers warm — whether it’s for warm waters or for colder waters. This logo is the first major adjustment to our corporate look in many years and we feel it helps convey the progressive attitude and modern look that Harvey’s customers enjoy."

Harvey’s products a wide range of exposure protection products including wetsuits for warm waters, cold water, dry suits, and surface suits. The company’s unique Matrix Titanium2 and Kobalt material blends provide the most natural fit for wetsuits in the industry. The Matrix Dri-Flex, T-WREX and Aqua Capsule dry suit designs have helped to redefine what divers are looking for in a drysuit.

For more information on the 2003 line of Harvey’s products, visit the company’s website at or call 800-347-0054.