The makers of the iBubble have unveiled a new, final prototype design for the autonomous underwater camera drone.

A crowdfunding campaign for the iBubble last year helped raise more than US$201,733/181,162 Euros via 15,000-plus supporters, including such underwater luminaries as Guillaume Nery, Sylvia Earle, the Cousteau family and others.

A new design for the iBubble autonomous underwater camera drone has been unveiled.

The drone’s makers said recently:

“As we kept developing iBubble, we had to make a few changes to iBubble’s design in order to improve the stability, the robustness, the propulsion and get the best out of the drone.”

Consequently, iBubble will go on tour beginning October 17th in La Londe-les-Maures, France and continuing through Spain and Italy as well as North America for backers of the crowdfunding campaign and professionals to see how the new design works.

“As iBubble journeys around the globe, we will test iBubble in real conditions with professional divers in order to further improve our drone before its commercial launch in summer 2018.”

iBubble autonomous underwater camera drone

The iBubble’s pre-order price is US$1999/1689 Euros and it will retail for $2599/2197 Euros. For more info, check out the iBubble website.

iBubble autonomous underwater camera drone