Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New Norwegian Freediving Record


Elisabeth Kristoffersen has obtained a new national record for Norway of 57 metres in the Constant WeightNew Norwegian Freediving Record 1 Discipline.  Her own personal blog on her website explains the dive:

“Today was one of those great days wherepeople came up getting one white card after the other. The ocean wasflat, no waves at all and the airwas hot. At the last training session I reached 55m with air still leftin my mouthfill, so I figured I could try to add a couple of meters tomy PBand NR.

Thedive started well. I lost track of my kick cycles a little bit, makingme slower, but I got going better around 20m. When I reached thefalling face, I managed to relax completely and only focus on the equalization and the mouthfill. Suddenly the bottom plate was already there, I grabbed a tag and kicked off upwards.

Iwas feeling very strong and good on the decent too, and the surfaceprotocol was perfectly clean. Then I realized “wow, this was easy! Ican do this stuff.” That is such a nice feeling and a boost for theconfidence. Yes, I will go deeper and explore my capacity, and I willenjoy it along the way.”

Miss Kristoffersen is a young Norwegian freediver aspiring to go deeper and competes on an international level.

New Norwegian Freediving Record 4
Sara-Lise Haithhttp://www.divasindubai.com
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for DeeperBlue.com. She is based in Dubai.


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