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New Socorro Vortex Liveaboard Set To Launch in Early 2019

The Socorro Vortex will be ready for 2019! She will be the fastest and
most exclusive luxury liveaboard going to Socorro and Guadalupe Islands.

The 140-foot (43-meter) vessel will cater to only 14 guests, so it will be
very limited and comfortable. A former Canadian Coast Guard vessel,
everything is being rebuilt and redesigned for the ultimate liveaboard

The Soccoro Vortex offers deluxe accommodations and gourmet
meals complete with a complimentary high-end bar. All systems from the AC
to water treatment to air compressors are top of the line to give you the
best diving experience. Other features are the high-speed Wi-Fi, custom
jacuzzi, and Nitrox. No corners have been cut to provide luxury above and
below the surface.

Anyone who has made the lengthy crossing to these destinations knows that
getting there is half the adventure. Generally travelled at 9-10 knots,
the Socorro Vortex will travel at 13-15 knots which will be at least 30%
faster. This means more time diving in these two bucket-list destinations.

Trips to Socorro run from November to June while Guadalupe is from August
to October. Pricing ranges from US$6,000 to $7,000 (~5,302 to ~6,186 Euros) on a nine-day trip. If your interest is more geared toward the great whites, you can
enjoy their five-day adventure from US$4,599 to $5,500 (~4064 to ~4860 Euros).

Once she is in the water though, prices will slightly increase so don’t delay.

Her first departure scheduled for January 18th, 2019. For more information
or to book your luxury liveaboard, check out Vortexliveaboard.com.

Nola Schoder

Nola Schoder
Nola Schoderhttps://www.deeperblue.com
Nola is a journalist, visual storyteller and award-winning underwater photographer specializing in marine life, conservation and dive travel. A dive pro for 10+ years and an avid freediver, she started diving in San Diego, CA, and traversed the globe until landing in Miami. She holds a master's in Marine Conservation and works extensively documenting research, mostly with sharks and rays, and even has an individual manta ray named after her. Above water, she is generally on a gastronomic adventure or hiking for a view of our blue planet.


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