Tuesday, July 23, 2024

New Spearfishing App In Development


If you’re a spearo, there’s a new smartphone app under development that might be just the thing.

The folks at SpearCast have been working on a spearfishing app and are looking for some early adopters of the beta who are interested in providing feedback.

According to a SpearCast Facebook post:

“The idea was to create a digital dive log that automatically pulls in local weather conditions so that you can build your own database of dives, locations, and weather patterns along with context only spearos have about their dives: visibility, presence of bait, and the species you’re targeting.

“We’ll be pulling in weather and ocean data like tides, temp, visibility, moon and solar phases based on your dive locations and dive logs.

“If you’re like us you’ve gotten a little busy with life and dive when you have time – not when the conditions are good. Here comes the exciting part: Based on your previous successes the Spearcast app will let you know in advance when similar conditions are approaching so you can plan your life around more productive diving. We’ve got a whole lot more planned and we’re excited to get started!”

For more info, check out the SpearCast website at www.spearcast.io and add your contact details in the “Get the App” form if you want to check out a beta version.

SpearCast Developing New Spearfishing App
SpearCast Developing New Spearfishing App
John Liang
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