New UK Women's Dynamic Record

The British Freediving Association has announced a new UK record in the Women’s Dynamic Apnea ‘No-fins’ discipline. On Thursday 16th August, at The Camberwell Leisure Centre, London, Liv Philip completed a performance of 104 metres. The new record beats the previous long-standing one of 100 metres, set by Fiona Gowland in 2002. Dynamic Apnea without fins is one of the most technically difficult of the breath-hold disciplines. It requires precise technique and fine-tuned buoyancy underwater.

Liv Philip Record

Liv Philip, an AIDA freediving instructor, also holds the record for static apnea where she recently completed a breath-hold in a time of 5 minutes 32 seconds. Liv lives in Camberwell and stands as the highest-ranked British female freediver for 2007.