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New US Freediving Record in Dynamic No Fins

Press release issued by Grant W. Graves.

Wes Lapp Sets New US National Freediving Record in Dynamic Apnea No Fins with a mark of 125 meters.

The United States Apnea Association (USAA) is pleased to announce that Wes Lapp, a USAA member, set a new US national record in the freediving discipline of Dynamic Apnea No Fins with a performance of 125 meters on September 30, 2007. This performance surpasses the previous record of 117 meters held by Deron Verbeck set in Maribor, Slovenia during this year’s AIDA Indoor (pool) World Championships in July.

This performance was realized during the Canadian Association for Freediving and Apnea’s (CAFA) Western Regional Championships. The competition took place in a 25-meter pool at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Two AIDA judges judged Wes’ performance as valid. Wes stated, “The fourth turn didn’t seem as bad as the third turn and the last lap was all about getting to the wall which I did. The surface protocol went very well… I felt very good after my effort and also very confident with the excellent safety provided at the competition.”

Dynamic Apnea No Fins (DNF) is performed by swimming without fins in a pool with the athlete holding their breath swimming as far as they can. Distance is measured with the use of a metered tape measure. The pool must be at least twenty-five meters long for the performance to be valid. Other disciplines include tests in depth and time.

For more information about the Canadian Association for Freediving and Apnea checkout www.freedivecanada.com.

The International Association for the Development of Freediving, AIDA, is the international sanctioning body for freediving, individual and team competition, and freediving world record attempts. For more information about AIDA please visit http://www.aida-international.org.

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