SEA&SEA have introduced a Japanese-made version of their YS-D2 strobe light.

The new version of the strobe, called the YS-D2J, has exactly the same specifications as the original YS-D2. The fundamental difference is where the strobe was manufactured.

The strobe was originally manufactured in China and introduced in 2015. However, it subsequently experienced some reliability issues, so SEA&SEA shifted production to a Japanese manufacturer.

Moving manufacturing to Japan will hopefully resolve any reliability problems, the company said.

The new version of the strobe still has the “Audible Confirmation” feature, and is depth-rated to 100m/330ft. It will retail for US$689.95/€586.

You can check out’s original report on the YS-D2 here.

For more information about the YS-D2 check out the Sea & Sea website, or watch a video of the original strobe below.

New Version of YS-D2 Strobe From SEA&SEA Now Available