New World Record for Herbert Nitsch

Herbert Nitsch has rocked the freediving nation again.  His website says that on the 6th April Nitsch set a new world record in the Bahamas in the Free Immersion discipline to 109 metres.  This is Herbert’s 24th World Record.


William Trubridge’s website is announcing the following attempts in the 2009 Vertical Blue Freediving Competition:

UK Freediver Sara Campbell will attempt to be the first woman to reach the mythical 100m in Constant Weight freediving (unassisted).

WilliamWinram and Herbert Nitsch had also announced world record attempts inthe discipline of Constant Weight without fins, going for 87 and 88meters respectively. 

New World Record for Herbert Nitsch 1

Filmed by Dan Burton – photo by Fred Buyle from Vertical Blue website.