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New Year 2003 Wall Calendar

Diver to Diver, an online scuba forum, have pooled their collective talents and have created a Year 2003 Wall Calendar featuring underwater photographs from their members. Images for each month were selected based on the community voting images into the final product.

The final product includes an incredible array of photos including the Kelp Forests from California, Crabs and Urchins from the North East USA, Sharks from the Caribbean, Turtles from Florida, Divers in Guam, Anemone fish from Indonesia and many others.

Paul Osmond, project manger for the calendar said "The amount of talent that is daily on display from the forums photographers made this project one that was always going to be successful. And the response from the forum community has been incredible. The end result speaks for itself."

The calendar is now in the process of being printed on 100# glossy paper, with shipments starting to ship December 9th to fulfill all orders before Christmas.

At only $12.99 per calendar plus shipping, this is a great deal and a wonderful unique Christmas gift for yourself, your family, your friends or your valued customers. All profits from the sale of this calendar will be going to charity.

Orders can be placed at DEEP SEA IMAGES Calendar

Payment may be made via popular credit cards or via PayPal.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
Stephan is the Founder of His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years old with a try-dive in a hotel pool on holiday that soon formulated into a lifelong love affair with the oceans. In 1996 he set up and has grown the site to be the most popular diving website and community in the world.