Nine National Records Set On Day One Of RedCcup

Nine National Records Set On Day One Of RedCcup

The first day of the RedCcup freediving competition in Dahab, Egypt saw the setting of nine new National Records.

Some of the National Records were set by:

Kyeongna Ahn (South Korea) 58 meters/190 feet Free Immersion (FIM)

Kyeongna Ahn South Korea NR 58FIM (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Inge Verbruggen (Belgium) 48 meters/157 feet Constant Weight (CWT)

Inge Verbruggen Belgium NR 48CWT (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Claire Walsh (Ireland) 42 meters/138 feet FIM

Claire Walsh Ireland NR 42FIM (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Lim Anqi (Singapore) 40 meters/131 feet FIM

Lim Anqi Singapore NR 40FIM (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Halinda Bobryshava (Belarus) 31 meters/102 feet FIM

Halinda Bobryshava Belarus NR 31FIM (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Dauren Zholdasbayev (Kazakhstan) 25 meters/82 feet FIM

Dauren Zholdasbayev Kazakhstan NR 25CWT (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Edgardo Andrade (Honduras) 71 meters/233 feet CWT

Edgardo Andrade Honduras NR 71CWT (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Jihoon Jang (Sotuh Korea) 86 meters/282 feet CWT

Jihoon Jang South Korea NR 86CWT (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Beate Grickevika from Latvia did a 70-meter/230-foot national-record-setting FIM dive but missed the tag and got a penalty.

Beate Grickevika Latvia 70FIM-was NR but missed the tag, so got penalty (Photo credit: Wendy Timmermans)

Check out the full Day One results list below.

REDCCUP Day One Results