Dutch national record holder Pete Botman is heading to Dahab this spring and whilst there will be working with Freediving Center Dahab Freedivers to teach a No-Fins Freediving Masterclass.

The course will be a fun, relaxed course running from 1st – 3rd May 2017.  With theory, dry, pool and open water sessions, you will be able to improve your skills, technique, and style as a no-fin diver.

Pete Botman holds national records for Netherlands in Constant Weight (-75m) and Constant Weight No-Fins (-61m) and has been a freediving instructor since 2011, certifying hundreds of students of all levels. Before getting into freediving, he was also a competitive swimmer for many years.

The course will cost 190€ for 3 days and is open to freedivers of all levels. Dahab Freedivers are asking prospective students to contact them on Facebook or via info@dahabfreedivers.com for bookings and to discuss your needs and expectations.