Ocean advocates are calling for taking their idea, the “Blue New Deal,” that was hatched in the U.S. state of California and expanding it nationwide.

Earlier this month, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies’ (MIIS) Center for the Blue Economy and Blue Frontier co-organized a meeting of people from California’s industry, government, academia, and conservationists to polish their Ocean Climate Action Plan with the idea of applying its principles across the country.

Co-authored by Blue Frontier’s David Helvarg and the Center for the Blue Economy’s Jason Scorse, the eight-point Ocean Climate Action Plan was re-worked “into a more complete ‘Blue New Deal’ that can form the basis for national legislation and policy,” according to MIIS.

California’s State Controller Betty Yee gave a keynote speech where she emphasized the Blue New Dealmust not simply move away from fossil fuels, but actively create new employment sectors and business opportunities. Ms. Yee made it quite clear that she is dedicated to advancing global sustainability and taking strong action on climate change, and that California can and should lead the way.”

For more info, check out a summary of the goings-on from this month’s meeting here or read the Ocean Climate Action Plan here.

(Image credit: Center for the Blue Economy)

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