If you’re a serious, competitive freediver and in the marked for a new wetsuit, you may want to give the folks at OCEANER a call.

They’ve got a wetsuit — working title the “Super Comp” — that’s so new the Canadian company hasn’t finalized its price yet. The one DeeperBlue.com got a chance to peek at during DEMA Show 2017 was pulled off the OCEANER production line in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday and was at the convention the following day.

OCEANER’s competition wetsuits have always been super-flexible and stretchy, but could still run the risk of tearing.

The new suit sports a sandwich layer of lycra in the middle to make it more tear-resistant than the company’s precious competition wetsuits.

OCEANER plans to have it ready for purchase as soon as its folks get back from DEMA Show. They’ll be sorting out the pricing in the coming days and taking orders as always from email, Facebook, Instagram or whatever communication platform you prefer.

The new wetsuits will be available in the full size range, from XS to XL, and custom-built to fit your particular body.

Interest piqued? Send them an email at oceanersales@oceaner.com or give them a call at +1-800-663-6601 or +1-604-434-0069.