The folks at Oceaner recently introduced a new freediving wetsuit.

The new Tropical COMP 3.0mm bridges the gaps between the company’s Tropical COMP 1.5mm (smoothskin exterior/lycra interior), the COMP 3.0mm (smoothskin exterior/open cell interior) and SUPERCOMP 3mm (smoothskin exterior/lycra reinforcement center layer/ open cell interior).

The Tropical COMP 3.0mm features a hydrodynamic, metallic coated smoothskin exterior, Yamamoto45 neoprene, with a superstretch, super strong, and super soft lycra interior lining. The suit is bonded at the seams with Oceaner’s tried-and-true glue and blindstitching, providing additional warmth, strength, and maintaining stretch and flexibility of the material.

Oceaner Unveils New Tropical COMP Freediving Wetsuit
Oceaner Unveils New Tropical COMP Freediving Wetsuit

The Tropical COMP 3.0mm blends features between the 1.5mm and Oceaner’s standard 3.0mm COMP. According to the company:

“In the past the TROPICAL COMP was only available in the combination of a 1.5mm thickness maximum, super stretch Lycra interior, hydrodynamic Smoothskin exterior, with glued and blinstitched seams for added strength. Conversely, our standard 3mm COMP was only available with our hydrodynamic smoothskin exterior and open cell interior, providing no form of reinforcement or protection against tearing, while providing the absolute maximum performance, flexibility, warmth, and stretch.”

Until now, those wanting the hydrodynamic benefits, added warmth, flexibility, stretch, and performance aspects of Oceaner’s COMP with the added strength of the Tropical COMP variants didn’t have an option. While the SUPERCOMP provided an option for those wanting the smoothskin exterior, added durability and strength of lycra as well as the performance benefits of the open cell interior, that still left a gap to be filled.

The Tropical COMP 3mm provides the performance found in the Tropical COMP 1.5mm, COMP 3.0mm, and SUPERCOMP 3.0mm, the 3.0mm material warmth of the COMP and SUPERCOMP 3.0mm, the material strength and durability of the SUPERCOMP and Tropical COMP 1.5mm, and the ease of use and wear of the Tropical COMP 1.5mm, according to Oceaner.

For more info on pricing and ordering, send the folks at Oceaner an email to [email protected].

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