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Oceanic Promotes New Tech In Dive Equipment Range

Oceanic, under the new flag of Huish Outdoors LLC, is offering some new technology in their dive products.

The ProPlus X dive computer (US$1,449.95/~1247.86 Euros) is describe as “perfectly clear” and with an easy to use interface, we think divers will feel the same. The computer starts with a Thin Film Transistor screen (TFT), meaning you can easily see the display out in direct sunlight, without having to cover or put in the shade. The computer has BlueTooth capabilities allowing it to connect to Android and iOS for uploading and downloading date and dive plans. It is rechargeable using a micro USB cord and at 100 percent brightness it will hold a charge for 35-40 hours. If you reduce brightness to 60 percent, the charge will last for 55-60 hours.

The highlight though, is the user-friendly menu. Along with large, clear numbers, each page has simple instructions for scrolling through menu options, selecting and editing. Within this menu you can set a large library of alarms, view and program up to four gas mixes (four different nitrox blends). You can also see your dive settings in a preview on a single screen, showing up to nine different alarms, gases and utilities at a time. You can also set a conservative factor as well as run a dual algorithm (match dive profile between DSAT and ZPLUS) allowing you to match your dive buddy. The watch comes with a three-year warranty from date of purchase.

The new SPX and CDX Alpha 10 regulators ($299.95/~258 Euros) offer four low-pressure hose ports, two high-pressure ports and standard max flex hoses. The SPX has a piston first stage and is pneumatically balanced with a mechanical purge. Along with the mechanical purge, the CDX has a balanced diaphragm to offer ease of breathing both at the surface and at depth. Both are available in DIN or Yoke.

The OceanVU mask ($99.95/~86 Euros) offers ultra-clear lenses with tempered glass, which optimizes clarity, light transmission and color consistency for the best possible visibility, especially in low light conditions. The ultra thin feathered skirt provides comfort and improved sealing below the nose. This maximizes seal and comfort. The mask is also super lightweight, low volume and offers a great field of vision.

Jillian Morris Brake
Jillian Morris Brake
Jillian Morris ("Shark Girl") is a marine biologist, shark conservationist, professional videographer/photographer, educator, writer and is absolutely obsessed with sharks. She grew up on the water in Maine and has wrapped her life around the ocean. She is the founder and president of Sharks4Kids, a shark education nonprofit inspiring the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach, and adventure.