Oceanic's LiteVision??? Mask

Safety and function come together in a new way sure to make the Oceanic LiteVision mask one of the most popular products this summer. The innovative, patent-pending design of the LiteVision incorporates three super-bright light emitting diodes (LEDs) into the sturdy and ergonomically designed mask frame to give divers an exceptional level of freedom and convenience.

Watersports enthusiasts using the LiteVision mask will, for the first time, be able to enjoy "hands-free" illumination through the simple one-touch operation of the LEDs which are strategically-placed to provide instant lighting. This will enable users to read gauges during a night dive or look closely at creatures in close quarters during the day. The lighting design, incorporated into Oceanic’s widely popular Trend 3 mask, also eliminates the need for chemical sticks previously used by divers and snorkelers at night. Environmental experts have warned these items can cause harm to the aquatic environment, so many people are looking for alternative options like the LiteVision mask.

"The LiteVision is a breakthrough in equipment technology," says Nestor Palmero, Oceanic Director of Sales and Marketing. "This mask meets three important needs – it provides a highly useful function, it is environmentally friendly and it serves an important safety need."

Palmero points out that each LiteVision mask can be used as a safety signaling device when the user simply touches the switch on top of the mask. The powerful LEDs flash the Oceanic green signal at quarter-second bursts.

Each LiteVision mask is powered by four LR44 button cell batteries with a usage life of more than 10 hours. The high-powered LEDs have a usage life of more than 100,000 hours and, the ultra-comfort mask skirt and multi-color accents match almost any equipment color combination. Available now from Oceanic dealers worldwide, the LiteVision mask has a suggested retail price of $119.95.

Oceanic, the leader in innovative scuba technology for two decades, continues to blaze new trails in the dive industry and beyond. The company’s website, which provides an in-depth look at the entire Oceanic product line, also offers the unique T-3 process that connects users directly with Oceanic retailers in their local area. For more details on Oceanic, its product line and international dealer network, visit the website at www.oceanicusa.com.

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