Oceanic recently announced that its latest Bluetooth-compatible dive computer, the ProPlus 4.0, is now shipping.

Divers can now adjust and customize all their dive features on the go, before and after they dive. The ProPlus 4.0 sports a larger display area, font size and digits than previous models. It’s the first in its line of 2019 computers that connects divers of all levels to their smartphones via Bluetooth through the DiverLog+ App.

Oceanic said the release of the ProPlus?4.0 will be followed by the new Geo 4.0 and Veo 4.0 computers in 2019, adding to the company’s commitment to growing the largest family of Bluetooth-compatible computers available to divers.

Using the free DiverLog+ App on your smartphone or tablet, divers can adjust the dual Nitrox mixes, switch the Dual Algorithm, gas mixes, user display, and alarms, all on the go before and after the dive.

The ProPlus 4.0 retails at US$650/~573 Euros. For more info, go to oceanicworldwide.com.

Oceanic’s ProPlus 4.0 Dive Computer