Oceans Alive – New Marine Life Identification CD-rom Series

“March 1, 2002 – Monitor Video Productions of Santa Ana, California announces the release of the first in a new Series of Marine Life Identification CD’s called Oceans Alive. A program series dedicated to exploring and discovering life under the ocean. The first CD features the region of Southern California & Santa Catalina Island and contains over 100 unique marine life images.

The Pacific Ocean is rich with animals and plants that display the beauty and diversity of its marine life, making it an ideal place to learn about the oceans inhabitants. From species rich kelp forests to teeming reefs, creatures have adapted to endure all types of settings and challenges. The images exhibit how all manner of trickery, disguise and defense is employed to tolerate the battle of survival. The Common Name and Species Name have been included for each creature as well as an audio commentary providing insight into their behavior and habitats. You will see that the Oceans are truly Alive!

A joint production of Monitor Video Productions & DiveIn TV in collaboration with underwater photographers Bob Titus and Debra Hill, & researcher and diver Nicholas Stael von Holstein

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