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Olympus announces new digital camera housings for U.S customers

Olympus America has announced that they have introduced three new heavy-duty housings to support underwater digital imaging enthusiasts for its U.S. customers. These stylish and durable transparent polycarbonate housings are for anyone looking to pursue underwater digital photography when diving, snorkeling or surfing – and they’re also ideal for use during activities that call for ultimate protection from the elements such as skiing, fishing, sailing, or even in certain industrial situations. The PT-014, PT-015, and PT-016 underwater housings are designed for use with Olympus C-50 Zoom, C-5050 Zoom and Stylus 300 or 400 digital camera models, respectively.

"With these new underwater housings, Olympus has created a way for digital photographers to include their cameras in every moment of their digital lifestyles," said Jason Bortzfield, product manager for digital products, Olympus America, Inc. "They can now easily take our cameras along to capture the beauty of the world both above and below the seas."

With an impressive depth limit of 40 meters, the housings allow digital photographers to chronicle snorkeling and diving expeditions with their Olympus digital cameras. The Stylus 300, Stylus 400 and C-50 Zoom digital cameras are ultra compact models that divers will feel comfortable taking with them because of their portable and lightweight design. The C-5050 Zoom adds a new dimension to underwater photography with its super bright f1.8 lens for flash-less photography in low light, and super macro mode for shooting sea creatures from only an inch away.


The PT-014, PT-015, and PT-016 will be available in spring of 2003.

Contents of the package:
Case body
O-Ring pic for removal
Silicone grease
Silica gel (defogging agent)
Hand strap
LCD hood and strap
Balance weight
Instruction Manual
Warranty Card

U.S. Pricing
PT 014 – C50 case – SRP: $259.95
PT 015 – C5050 case – SRP: $259.95
PT 016 – Stylus 300,400 case – SRP: $199.95

You can find the complete line of digital camera’s available from Olympus at

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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