Aaaaaand it’s ON! The One Breath Jamboree has officially started today and it has been very excited to welcome the guests and participants for a whole week of freediving!

We started with an early-afternoon training session, where our great Guests Ryuzo Shinomyia, Miguel Lozano, Eusebio and Christina Saenz de Santa Maria set the example by doing 96m CWT, 68m CNF, 90m FIM and 70m FIM respectively! Impressive!!!  This inspired everyone later on, as we got lots and lots of personal bests today in the water, following the supervision and advice of our Guests on the line. Great job all of you!!! All divers came back with a huge smile and loved the platform, the friendly atmosphere in the water and the diving conditions.

The Opening Ceremony was a success with everyone, with introduction of the event, of the Guests and Staff, and general rules of the week. We also had a viewing of the really cool short movie “The Uprights” by our official videographers Slam Jam, and everyone really enjoyed the amazing buffet!

Welcome to the One Breath Jamboree everybody!!!