Thursday, September 24, 2020

One Breath Indoor Apnea Challenge 2005


What started out as a small competiton now looks like it will be the biggest indoor FreeDiving competition held in Northern Europe.

One Breath has announced that the competition will be based on Static and Dynamic Apnea. 38 competitors have signed up from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Åland, Serbia and Sweden including:

  • Lotta Ericsson, Sweden, world record holder in Static Apnea
  • Mathias Lanner, Sweden, constant weight record holder -71meters
  • Bill Strömberg, Sweden, record holder of 6 of 8 national records
  • Timo Kinnunen , Finish, with 7.54 in static apnea, National record!
  • Johanna Nordblad, Finish, World Record holder in DYN with 158m!

Sponsors have come out in force with prizes worth over 1000 Euro’s.

The competition will be on 19th February and will take palce in Ängelholm the southern part of sweden. Entry fee is 20 Sek (2 EUR)

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Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
Stephan is the Founder of His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years-old with a try-dive in a hotel pool on holiday that soon formulated into a lifelong love affair with the oceans. In 1996 he set up and helped grow the site to be one of the largest diving websites around today.


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