Oxygen sensors, like sharks, have suffered from some bad PR. There’s quite a lot of myths and misinformation available at the touch of the key, thanks to the internet chat forums. So where should divers go for accurate information?

John Lamb has just published ‘Oxygen Measurement for Divers‘ to provide relevant data to divers.

I thought it important that divers are able to reference appropriate advice, with the prime aim of increasing their knowledge and safety. This book covers everything you ever wanted to know about oxygen sensors and oxygen but didn’t know who to ask.”

Oxygen Measurement For Divers by John Lamb

‘Oxygen Measurement for Divers’ is remarkably readable. It has been designed for divers to pick it up and dip into it. To check information. To look up answers. And it has achieved the happy balance of having a good technical aspect whilst remaining useful. The explanations and illustrations are very clear and, even when describing complex principles, are structured in a very understandable way. Everything is covered from current limitation behavior to best management practices for storage.

“It might not be your idea of a book to curl up with in front of a fire, but it is one of the best investments you can make as a rebreather diver or owner of an oxygen analyzer.” Jill Heinerth

Lamb succinctly covers key topics, explaining in plain English the reasons for sensor failure:

  • The effects of temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • Sensor accuracy and stability
  • Testing sensors
  • Do’s and Don’t s
  • How to determine the end of a life of a sensor
  • Advice for looking after your sensors

“If you want to break through the mire of misinformation and be better informed about diving safety, this is a must-read book.” Jill Heinerth

“This is an invaluable resource and should be compulsory reading for any rebreather diver.”
Mark Powell, SDI /TDI / ERDI Training Advisory Panel

‘Oxygen Measurement For Divers’ can be purchased in two formats. As a paperback, direct from or, as a .

John Lamb’s first edition, is also available via Amazon.