OZ Freediver plans a 'daredevil' stunt

Sunday 26 July-

According to the NZ Herald News, an Australian freediver will be holding his breath today as a daredevil world first is attempted off the northern NSW coast.

MikeWells, 39, a 19-year veteran of freediving (the art of diving withouttanks) will swim through Fish Rock Cave said to be Australia’slongest ocean cave on a single breath.

It is said that nobody has yet completed a freedive through the 120m structure.

The news report says that ontop of the risk of swimming through such a confined space for aroundthree minutes, the water around Fish Rock Cave, 2km off the South WestRocks coast, is infested with sharks

Wells states in the report that he has dived down there before and actually get to recognises some of thesharks, by their markings and knows them individually.



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