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PADI Joins Forces With Global Ghost Gear Initiative

PADI has teamed up with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative to fight the scourge of lost fishing gear in our oceans. The initiative aims to tackle the more that 640,000 tons of fishing equipment that is lost in the oceans every year. The lost gear which includes nets that are measured in hundreds of meters/yards, with some of the biggest nets floating around in the ocean running an insane 10,000m/32,808ft.

Ghost Gear affects more than 800 species, including multiple endangered species and marine mammals who end up drowning when caught up in ghost nets. By joining forces with PADI, the Global Ghost Gear Initiative hopes millions more divers will keep an eye out for lost gear. PADI divers will be able to report ghost gear which can then be tackled by the initiative.

According to PADI Worldwide President and CEO Drew Richardson:

“We are happy to team up with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative. PADI is committed to protecting the ocean planet and, with our unique underwater vantage, the dive community can play a significant role in locating marine debris. Along with Project AWARE, we look forward to working with the GGGI to empower and mobilize PADI Divers to join the fight against ghost gear.”

To find out more about the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, you can visit their website, or check out a video about the initiative below.

(Photo credit: Ghost Gear Initiative)

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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