Divers Alert Network at DEMA

Applications For DAN’s Hamilton Grant Now Open

DAN has opened the door for next year’s R.W. “Bill” Hamilton Dive Medicine Research Grant
PADI Issues 25 Millionth Certification

PADI Inducted Into International Scuba Diving Hall Of Fame

PADI is inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame
Review - Mares Cruise Journey Backpack

Review: Mares Cruise Journey Backpack

We take the Mares Cruise Journey Backpack for a spin across 2 months of diving travel
Thailand to ban smoking on 20 popular beaches

Thailand To Introduce Smoking Ban On 20 Beaches

Thailand has banned smoking on 20 of it’s most popular beaches.
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Suunto Launches New EON Core Dive Computer

Suunto launches new computer with an outstanding screen.

Black Coral: A New Film About The Dramatic Story Of Black...

Black Coral a movie exploring the adventurous and risky world of black coral diving in Maui

Behind the Scenes with Carol Schrappe, Continental Record Holder VWT

Carolina Schrappe demonstrates that overcoming failure is the secret to success when it comes to achieving international records and diving to 101 meters beneath the sea.

Growing And Transplanting Super Corals Raises Different Questions

Efforts to grow and transplant corals on the barrier reef, raise ethical and scientific questions

Scientist Have Cause For Optimism About The Great Barrier Reef

Badly bleached parts of the great barrier reef appear to be recovering.

Step Up And Become a Citizen of Trash Isle

Trash Isle is seeking additional “citizens” to support their petition to join the United Nations. Trash Isle is not a really island, it is a cute name for an ugly condition called the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch or the North Pacific Subtropical High. LADbible Group and the Plastic Oceans Foundation have joined forces to raise awareness of the conditions of our world oceans and the plastic it now contains. There is over 30 millions tonnes of plastic created each year and an estimated 8 million tonnes of it ends up as trash in our waterways and then out to the oceans.
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