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The Freedive Show — Part II

Writers Peter Scott and Eric Fattah continue their series of articles leading up to the Sony Freediver Open Classic

The Freedive Show — Part I

Peter Scott and Eric Fattah kick off the in-depth look at the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic. This week we give you an overview of what to look out for!

Topi Lintukangas???Diving Free

Writer Peter Scott interviews top level freediver Topi Lintukangas about what it means to be Diving Free

IAFD and Viva Dominicus Beach to Host Two Freediving World Record Attempts in October

The International Association of Free Divers (IAFD) in conjunction with Viva Dominicus Beach, located in La Romana, Bayahibe, Dominican Republic, will sponsor two ??Free...

IMAX Movie announced

"IMAX, the large format cinema format is getting a big-budget Freediving Film titled ""OceanMen"". The film is set to follow in the footsteps of the...

AUDREY MESTRE’S ‘NO LIMITS’ Record Breaking Attempt

"Once again, actual record holder in the female “NO LIMITS” specialty, Mrs. Audrey Mestre Ferreras will attempt to break her own World Record of...

Oceanmen IMAX Movie

Deeperblue's Publisher, Stephan Whelan, was treated to a special screening of the new IMAX film, Oceanmen. Read what he had to say about this visual piece of cinematic eye candy.

Freeimmersion.de Announces the “Eco-Prize”

Launched five years ago as a web-platform to connect and share freediving events in Germany and Europe, Freeimmersion.de is also a freediving school based...

Freediving Docu-Film "OceanMen" arriving on DVD

DeeperBlue.com has recently learnt that the Freediving Docu-Film "OceanMen" is going to be arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray later in 2010.  This will be...

A Freediver's Christmas Bleg

Freediving is the art of putting things off: like breathing. Procrastination being genetic, and a social selection factor as well, you, your family and all your friends have put everything off until now. Nico saves the day with in-season CPR.

Head to Head With Rudi – Part II

Contributor Alun George and Rudi Castineyra get even more deeply into it

Freediver Safety & Static Tables – Part I

The Solomons present a two-part series addressing the value to the freediving community of a Winter Freediving Program.
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