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Paralenz To Launch ‘Blue Friday’ On Black Friday

Paralenz are launching “Blue Friday,” on Black Friday, 29th November and for each camera purchased, a donation will be made to the Reef-World Foundation — which coordinates the Green Fins initiative in partnership with the UN Environment Programme.

The folks at Paralenz have been creating waves at DEMA Show this year, having just launched their radical new brand identity to encourage new divers and recruit the younger generation.

Using this momentum, Paralenz are telling the world about their mission and making “every dive count.”

This new strategy allows each diver to be a part of a worldwide data collection effort and be a “Citizen Scientist” for TheOceanBase, a new feature that will be available within the Paralenz app.

Utilizing the temperature sensor and depth information in the camera, the diver can log each dive in the app and be a part of this initiative. The app is in its early stages of beta test at the moment.

The data collected will be studied by ocean conservation organizations and added to a global data base and used to protect the ocean.

Jacob, a Partnership Manager at Paralenz, told at this year’s DEMA Show that:

“As we grow as a company, we believe our new brand identity will help us on the journey towards more meaningful diving.”

The Paralenz camera retails for US$699/749 Euros. For more info about the company’s rebrand, click here, and for more info about Paralenz in general, go to

Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
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