Sunday, August 1, 2021

Patrick Musimu Goes Deep to Fight Hunger


Hurghada, Egypt — Witnessing the wretching clutches of poverty and hungriness all around him as a child in the shanty town of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Patrick Musimu has now made it his mission to do something about it.

Musimu was born in Kinshasa on December 10, 1970. Born to a Belgian mother and a Congolese father, he followed a different road. As an ambassador of BE CHARITY, he pursues an admirable mission to end hunger in his home country. This video below contains unique footage of Patrick’s No Limit dives from this summer, in collaboration with BE CHARITY .

“It takes just a moment to change the course of a human destiny. Out there, there are thousands of victims of our ignorance and selfishness. May our achievements and determination inspire them and give them the strenght to stand up. May them one day also believe, that even deep in their misery… nothing is impossible!”

Patrick Musimu for Be Charity from ADream on Vimeo.

Patrick Musimu Goes Deep to Fight Hunger 3
Francesca Koe
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