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PFD Cayman 2004: March 24 Update

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Today was a day off from shattering world records, ho-hum. We’d planned to sneak into the lovely pool at the posh  Hyatt resort for a static apnea workshop by AIDA Judge and Apneist Formidable Bill Stromberg. I  personally was very much looking forward to this, as the last time Bill coached me the results were quite astonishing. We decided to be at the pool by 10 AM on empty stomachs.

Instead, Kirk poked his head into the boys’ dormitory and let us know he was going to take Mandy to the chiroprator, then come back, pick us up and go on to the Hyatt  Nobody had the presence of mind to ask for details. I think everyone just went right back to sleep.

He didn’t come back until nearly 2 PM. Mandy had had acupuncture ! She’d awakened complaining of  a pain in the neck, literally, unable to move it without discomfort. Kirk said the chiropractor did some manipulation, followed by acupuncture, and recommended she return for daily treatments going forward.

Not one to miss a chance to hedge his bets, Kirk also secured an afternoon appointment for Mandy with Dr. Glatz, the venerable and super-competent Grand Cayman divers’ physician. His diagnosis was infected right tonsil. A   bit different from that of the chiropractor, as were his prescription and prognosis.

Mandy was thrilled. Mysterious neuromuscular slash skeletal anomalies are, by definition, intimidating. The words that immediately come to mind are “painful” and “never-ending”. Infected tonsil ? Pshaw ! Mandy Rae chews up little obstacles like that and spits them out for breakfast.

Martin is being a very serious fellow today. He ought to be – he’s got a big day ahead of him tomorrow.

I myself am a bit concerned about what may be a blooming epidemic of upper respiratory tract infections in this little cohort. Kirk’s voice sounded a little scratchy, Mandy’s got the tonsilitis, and Martin and Doc both had sticky ears yesterday. Such infections are, of course, the absolute bane of a freediver’s miserable existence. Could put a crimp in their styles tomorrow. One more challenge. Oh, and the wind and seas have been building steadily all day. It was howling at one point. I woke up from a nap in the afternoon and thought for a second I was in a hooch on wind-ravaged Aruba, on a windsurfing safari of yore.

The PFD team is having a fancy dinner hosted by Doc tonight on Rum Point,  away from it all ( especially from the media, especially from my prying eyes and  acid pen !) so I’ll drop them at the ferry and have use of the team van for a while. My first stop is here, the WiFi –equipped Duppies Bar at the Cobalt Coast resort, to file my daily to! After that ?   Well, I’m not doing anything too strenuous tomorrow, not planning on setting any world records or anything, so……… I can have a little fun, can’t I ?

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Paul Kotik
Paul Kotik
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