Saturday, October 24, 2020

P&O invests in whale watcher


“A 21-year-old-woman has become the world’s first full-time whale and dolphin watcher on board a ferry.

According to P&0, Amanda Hyam is the first person in the world to take such a position.

Her appointment as wildlife officer is in response to increased tourist demand to see marine mammals in action along the 35-hour ferry journey from Portsmouth to Bilbao. This passage offers travellers the chance to see a quarter of the world’s whale and dolphin species.

The Bay of Biscay, in Spain, is a popular breeding area for whales because ocean currents circle there bringing rich nutrients to the surface. It is the richest area in the world in terms of the number of different species that can be seen.

Consequently marine life including humpback, sperm and killer whales have become a familiar sight on voyages and it is now Hyam’s job to look out for them, said the ferry group. Her duties include hosting a club for children and giving passengers guided talks on their voyage.

In one four-hour period last month, Hyam spotted 80 individual fin whales, sperm whales, a killer whale and hundreds of dolphins. Recent sightings include the very rare True’s beaked whale, a 90ft blue dolphin and a pod of 3


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