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Poseidon Announces Cutting Edge Buoyancy Compensator

Poseidon, world reknowned for their extremely durable and easy breathing regulators, has announced the release of their series of innovative and cutting edge Buoyancy Compensators.

Known as the BeSea, the companies President, Thommie Hjälmner says "BeSea follows the goal we had while we developed the Xstream regulator series, to develop world leading dive equipmentwithin every product area. To use the knowledge and ideas that are deeply rooted here at Poseidon, when we develop regulators, applied to all the products we will develop in the future. We do not believe there is any room for a brand in the middle fold. You will either be a volume brand or concentrate being on the leading edge of development. Which type Poseidon has chosen need not be questioned in the future."

Poseidon BeSea

"We make the best regulators in the world", says Yaniv Bertele, responsible for R&D at Poseidon, who has been guiding the BeSea project from start to finish.

"Now we are hoping to take the same leading position on BC´s as well", he says. With this mission in mind, Poseidon started developing a truly comfortable and functional B.C that fits all kind of divers no matter sex, size, experience or demands. After numerous tests, ideas, developing, changes and new tests, Poseidon proudly presents BeSea – Become one with the SEA.

"When we started this project we were not experts on BC´s but we had to be to be able to develop the BeSea line. We started from scratch with a comprehensive market study of what was already out there. Questions were asked about what and how divers carry tanks, how far they walk, about boats and transportations. This also meant testing competitors best BC´s, different kind of backpacks were evaluated but also parachute harnesses and 5 point seatbelts for race cars, and so on."

Poseidon worked in conjunction with specialists within the areas of materials, stitching, welding of Polyurethane etc. This has resulted in a truly unique BCD concept where every seam, every material, every single detail has been checked, tested and rechecked until it can live up to Poseidon’s high level of standards.

Poseidon’s main objective as a manufacturer and brand is to always provide "The Ultimate Dive", all of it’s equipment should work together to help you to do what you love — to dive, anywhere… anytime….

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Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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