Project AWARE Launches New #BeneathTheWaves Underwater Photography Campaign

Project AWARE Launches New #BeneathTheWaves Photography Campaign

Sick and tired of seeing garbage strewed about your favorite dive site?

Over the next few weeks you’ll be able to do something about that.

Next month, more than 400 delegates from the political, academic, industrial, nonprofit and other areas will be meeting in Chile for the Our Ocean 2015 conference to talk about climate change, marine plastic pollution, ocean acidification and illegal fishing.

The folks at Project AWARE will be onsite in Chile to “bring the scuba diver voice” to the conference.

“Throughout September and into October, Project AWARE brings together the global dive community once again as we launch our Beneath The Waves campaign.”

To join the campaign, underwater shutterbugs can share their own pictures of underwater trash to either Twitter or Instagram using the #BeneathTheWaves hashtag.

“Together we can highlight the international, trans-boundary issue of marine debris, an issue that needs urgent attention and solutions. Divers see firsthand the devastating impact rubbish can cause on ocean wildlife. With more than 1 in 10 species affected by marine debris threatened with extinction, our actions to protect are more urgently needed than ever before,” according to the Project AWARE website.

The Our Ocean 2015 conference will take place October 5-6.

In addition to Twitter and Instagram, divers can also upload their marine debris photos to the Beneath The Waves campaign page on